More Than Your Average Chiropractic Care

We would like to introduce you to a new way of self care. It is time to think outside the box and regain control of your health and happiness. Schedule a consult today and let us help you with your lifestyle goals.

Chiropractic care


Dr. Wrendy takes a new Holistic approach to chiropractic care. She understands there are many reasons for pain and discomfort that may be hindering your full expression of LIFE. It is her mission to assist you in bringing your body and mind back into total balance.



Our lifestyle management programs are designed to help you create and maintain the healthy life you desire. We focus on diet and nutrition, mind/body practices, and musculoskeletal issues. We use a variety of testing methods to ensure your success and are here to support you every step of the way.

energy medicine


In every culture and every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy. When you balance the energies of the body you regulate body chemistry and hormones, stimulate neurotransmitter activity, increase focus, and improve overall function of the brain. The basis of energy medicine is to remove blockages in the field that can lead to poor health. We believe that energy medicine is the ultimate path to self care and the future of HEALTHcare worldwide.

Wrendy Marcinik DC

Wrendy took the time to understand my symptoms and always takes the time and special care needed to address the issues related to my needs. Highly recommend Wrendy!

Trish Walters
Renate Brodecker LMT

After a 18 months of dealing with sciatic nerve pain and an orthopedic surgeon who was handing out back shots like candy, I visited Renate in December of 2016 looking to find some relief! No sciatic pain since, and no more visits to the orthopedic surgeon! Highly recommend the healing touch of both these ladies!

Randy Holtmeyer


Chiropractic Care

Our Chiropractic care is focused on whole body health.  Dr. Wrendy Marcinik is passionate about bringing the entire body back into balance.  This is done through a combination of adjustments, massage, energy work, and education specifically designed with your needs in mind.

New Patient Exam $149

Adjustment + spot treatment $55

Adjustment $40

Lifestyle Consultation

Maybe you don’t know exactly what you need. You just know you need some guidance on where to start with your health and wellness goals. Schedule a consult and we will take some time to put together a plan of action or determine your next move. This is a good way for us to see where your health is at and what direction to take.

30 min/$50 (this $50 will be applied to any program or service that best fits your needs)

Lifestyle Program

This program is designed to guide you through creating a new lifestyle. This program addresses digestion, nutritional deficiencies and diet, alignment or release of musclo-skeletal imbalances, re-programming and re-balancing of neuro-emotional patterns, along with physical and emotional health strategies.  This is an all inclusive program that uses a combination of chiropractic care, massage therapy, nutritional counseling, and energy work to balance the body and clear the path for true healing.

6 weeks/$1500

Digestion First 6 Week Program

This program is designed to get your digestion back in working order.  From minor upsets to major issues.  Balancing out the digestive track is the foundation to health. We will meet weekly for check ups, weigh  ins, and testing.  We will work up a diet and nutrition plan to ensure success with your health goals.

6 weeks/$375

Keto/Health and Wellness 6 Week Program

This program is designed to walk you through the first 6 weeks of your keto (or appropriate diet)  journey.  We will address any digestion issues you are having to ensure your success along with structuring a plan that works for your life.  A full pack with weekly meal plans to get you started is included.   We will meet weekly for check ups, weigh ins, and testing.

6 weeks/$375

Thai Massage

Thai massage is not your usual massage.  It is particularly beneficial to those who are stiff and sore, have decreased range of motion, or simply looking to increase your flexibility.  Thai massage employs stretching, pulling, compression, and rocking techniques to relieve tension and promote flexibility and range of motion.  It is preformed fully clothed on a mat somewhat like an assisted yoga.  Don’t be scared GUYs and gals you will love it!


90 min/$120

Massage packages 6/60 min $450

Massage packages 6/90 min $650

* packages can be purchased in store at the time of your appointment.

Therapeutic Massage

This is generally your typical deep tissue massage.  Yet we are not a typical place so expect some added treatments you may not have experienced before such as cupping, instrument assisted fascial work and active release techniques to name a few.

60 min/$85

90 min/$120

Massage packages 6/60 min treatments $450

Massage packages 6/90 min treatments $650

* packages can be purchased in store at the time of your appointment.

Reiki Hands on Healing Treatment

Reiki is a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.  Our Reiki Practitioner has been a Reiki Master for 10+ years and has a extensive knowledge of the body and its ability to heal itself.

45 min/$50

Reiki package 6/45 min sessions $275


Cupping is an ancient acupuncture technique designed to restore energy to the body.  It relaxes stiff muscles, restores proper nerve flow, releases muscle tension in the body, helps with digestions and inflammatory conditions of the gut and bowel, along with relieving rheumatic symptoms.  Cupping is a great way to see drastic results in just a treatment or two for any of these conditions.  If you are experiencing muscle tension, soreness, nerve pain, or inflammation this may be your answer.

45 min/$65

Cupping package 6/45 min sessions $350

* packages can be purchased in store at the time of your appointment.

We also offer a cupping treatment specifically designed to treat Gastrointestinal conditions such as GERD, acid re flux, diarrhea, constipation, leaky gut, IBS, UC, Crohns.  Consult required prior to treatment.  This treatment goes well with our digestion coaching program.

Lymphatic Cupping

Lymphatic cupping is a cupping technique designed to stretch open the lymph vessels in order to move lymph through the body to reduce swelling, detox the body, and restore immune function.

45 min/$65

Cupping package 6/45 min sessions $350

* packages can be purchased in store at the time of your appointment.

Spot Treatment/Post injury treatments

A spot treatment consists of a 20 minute neck and shoulder massage or  localized spot treatment.  This is designed for those on the go that just need a little relief.

20 min/$30

Spot Treatment/Post injury treatment package 6/20 min sessions $160

* packages can be purchased in store at the time of your appointment.

Cold Laser Treatments

This is a non-invasive procedure that uses various wavelengths of low-level light applied directly to a targeted area of the body.  This light causes a reactions to damaged cells and creates a physiological response that promotes tissue regeneration.  The main use of cold laser therapy is tissue and ligament repair and pain.  Some common ailments are: strain or sprain injuries, tendinitis, bursitis, tennis elbow, back and neck pain, joint pain and arthritis, restless leg, fibromyalgia pain, plantar fasciatis, and headaches.  Each treatment will take 20-30 minuets depending on the area treated.  The number of treatments needed will vary based on your specific case but generally range from 4-12 treatments.  Packages are available and can be made in combination with spot treatment muscle release treatments or chiropractic care to increase effectiveness.

20 min/$40

Cold Laser Treatment package 6/20 min sessions

30 min/$50

Cold Laser Treatment package 6/30 min sessions

Rife Machine Treatments (Vibrational Medicine)

Rife therapy is an electromagnetic frequency delivered by a device that benefits the whole body. The energy delivered through these frequencies stimulates the user by first recognizing the present issue or diseased cells and then providing a destructive environment to all kinds of pathogens that need to be expelled. This complimentary and alternative therapy will work hand in hand with other treatment therapies here including a cold laser treatment or spot treatment.

General Wellness Treatment $40

Personalized Scan and Treatment $65

Unlimited Treatments for 30 days/$215