Dr. Wrendy Marcinik

I would like to take a minute and introduce myself. My name is Dr. Wrendy Marcinik, and I am the owner of Real Life Chiropractic and SQeZ juice + health in Osage Beach. It has been my mission and passion to change the way we see and care for our health and well-being. It is important to me to not only educate but support our community in the journey to health and vitality. My journey has been a long one so let us start from the beginning.

As a child my family had always lived by the rules of less is more. The less you try to interfere with the bodies natural state the better. We ate real food, drank water, stayed active, and didn’t go to the doctor (unless of course our arm was falling off which luckily never came up for me). I had both of my children at home, and continued to practice these simple rules going into parenthood with my own children. I have always been fascinated with how the body works and how the body can heal in such a magical way if we get out of the way. When my mom became a Reiki Master and massage therapist when I was a teenager I was blown away by the deep feeling of connection and ease I felt with each treatment. Studying these practices with her gave me a deep sense of peace, trust, and comfort in my own body. I was exposed to a feeling of true bliss and from then I was hooked. I wanted to know everything there was to know about the energetics of the body, not simply the physicality. What I learned was that we are more than our physical body, and we can control how that physical body functions by manipulating our energetics. When my mom decided to expand her practice into teaching massage and energy work I became her first student. We studied, practiced, experimented and expanded our minds every day. I spent the next 10 years doing massage and loving every minute of. Over time, and with some experience under my belt, I felt limited in my care. I felt there was so much more to learn and ways I could help people, not only feel better, but BE better. So I went back to what I knew to do….. ask for guidance. Check back in with myself and find my next move.

This launched my desire into chiropractic. I had utilized chiropractic care before for a car accident injury but I knew there was more to it than putting the pieces back together. I knew body work and chiropractic care played a major role in connecting our mind and body and I wanted to know how this innate power communicated. It made logical sense to me that the nervous system was a good place to start exploring. So I dove in head first.

Needless to say it was a challenge. I was 33 years old, single, had 2 kids, and now full force into grad school. I told myself that that was my time…. my time to find my true passion…. my time to find a way to save the world. I started each day with fresh eyes and an open mind letting my inner guidance lead the way. But…. I was TIRED. I mean really TIRED. My ability to keep a good diet and positive mental state was increasingly difficult as time went on. I knew by my 2nd year that I needed to find a different way. I started checking out juice bars in the area to find some way of grabbing something healthy on the go. I was immediately a believer in the power of juice. I couldn’t believe how good I started to feel. I had the energy I was missing and my mental clarity started to improve. This led me to a deeper curiosity in diet and nutrition. I started studying and applying a ketogenic way of eating and my world changed overnight. I felt GOOD, really GOOD despite my crazy schedule and mental workload.

I continued to juice and practice my keto life all through my next 2 years of school. I got closer to graduation and my mind was rolling on how I wanted to set up my practice when I graduated. Did I want to stay at the lake? Did I want to buy someones practice? Start my own? Go in with an existing doctor? Did I want to stay safe and practice pain management or step into my true passion? The more I explored these options the more I knew I had to follow my heart and do all the things I loved. This is when the idea for SQeZ sparked. A place where people could come together for all their health and wellness needs, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We have now expanded our juice and smoothie bar and opened our new sister company Real LIFE Chiropractic and Healing Center. I am excited to see where this new journey takes us all. This is a time in history for growth and expansion and I am ready to do it together.